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Receive + transmit function, Standard USB interface, Supported by many Home Automation software, Easy integration in any application, Flash memory for firmware updates.
Prepared for optional wifi module.


Can be used for these 868MHz sensors and devices:

  • Visonic PowerCode sensors,
  • FS20,
  • Itho CVE RFT
  • Itho CVE ECO RFT,
  • Orcon,
  • Edisio,
  • Alecto ACH2010, WS5500,
  • FineOffset WH2900,
  • Ecowitt WH31,WN32,WH40,WH57,WS90
  • Davis Vantage Vue EU.
  • Free firmware,
  • Ultra low power usage (0.14 Watt),
  • Receive and Transmit supported,
  • 868.30 - 868.95MHz,
  • ASK / FSK,
  • Standard USB interface,
  • Supports the largest set of devices,
  • Supported by many Home Automation systems,
  • Easy firmware updates in flash memory.

Note: The supported protocols operate at different frequencies and use s different modulation. As a result only 1 protocol can be enabled for receive. It is possible to transmit different protocols.

For example, receive Alecto WS5500 and transmit FS20 and Itho CVE RFT.

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