Domotics is the residential extension of building automation and really just means home automation. It integrates different technologies and services in homes and organizations. We are accustomed to seeing all technical solutions in homes and organizations as separate entities. In joining these separate entities together in a clever way domotics is created. It is nothing more, or less, than an intelligent use and application of the already existing science.

Applicable anywhere

It is possible to have home automation in any room in your home. When you decide to automate your home it is important to think carefully about your personal home requirements before you start any building work, be it for a new home or rebuild.

Your personal living - and work situation are the prime concern here and you should decide your personal requirements accordingly. From these requirements you can then choose the possibilities that suit you best and apply the domotics technique from there.

Clever living and working

Domotics increases living comfort in your home and contributes in an efficient way to clever living and working.

Domotics is not only about the integration of services in the home (heating, ventilation, lighting etc.), but also about the integration of services from outside into the home ( alarm systems, telephones, television etc.).

It is through the combination of the techniques and the services you want to use at any time and location of your choice, that the quality of home and living is increased.

Domotics is mainly used by individual people who want to build their own home or do building work to their existing home. But equally, in the field of homebuilding cooperation’s, offices and in the care sector domotics solutions are frequently applied.

Possibilities in the home

In principle all electrical equipment in your home could be managed by domotics. Domotics integrates and connects all technologies and services in your home via a central network to improve the quality of life and living. The sky is the limit, so whether you would like to shut your curtains from your comfortable chair, or receive a signal when the postman has been, everything is possible. In order to get some new ideas it pays to have a look at 

Managing remote locations

Domotics are used frequently in the care sector for people with physical limitations, because it enables them to lead a more secure and independent life for longer. Again in the care sector the possibilities are endless. For instance a sensor could register whether someone has fallen out of bed, lights could be remotely (or automatically) switched on or off, or it would be possible to see from your chair who is standing outside your front door. These are just a few examples of what is possible.