HS3 RFXCOM plugin

- Receive RF remotes, switches, BBQ and environmental sensors. (Oregon, X10 RF...)
- Receive OWL Power monitor sensors
- Receive security sensors and smoke detectors (X10, Visonic, KD101...)
- Software Security Panel.
- Virtual sensors (daily high/low temperature&humidity, wind chill...
- Control RF appliance and dimmer modules. (Livolo, NEXA, KAKU,Chacon, HomeEasy, LightwaveRF ...)
- Control RGB LED strip (dx.com ordernr 67412 and 130913)
- Control electric curtain and blind motors (Somfy-RTS, Harrison, RollerTrol, Raex, Blyss, Rohrmotor24, Forest...)
- Control MCZ pellet stove
- Digital I/O for control of relays or digital input (dry contact)
- Support NMA (Notify My Android) push messages.
- Supports multiple thermostat devices.

Transceivers, receivers and transmitters:
- USB RFX315, RFXrec433 or RFXtrx433 transceivers/receivers.
- USB RFXCOM receivers.
- USB W800RF32 receivers.
- LAN RFXCOM receivers and transmitters.
Digital Input/Output:
- LAN RFXCOM up to 8 ports configurable for input (dry contact) or output (relays RFXio or KMtronics)
Receive RF sensors and remotes:
The plug-in processes the received RF data from a lot of wireless RF sensors and RF remotes. For example:
- HomeEasy, Chacon, NEXA, Intertechno,LightwaveRF,KlikAan-KlikUit,Proove,BBSB,ELRO.....
- X10 security sensors and remotes,
- X10 lighting sensors and remotes,
- Digimax,
- RFXSensor for temperature, humidity, barometric pressure,
- RFXPower for electricity usage metering,
- RFXMeter with RFXPwr and RFXPulse for electricity/gas/water metering,
- Electrisave, cent-a-meter, OWL CM113,CM160,CM180,CM180i power meters,
- Visonic PowerCode security sensors and keyfobs,
- ATI Remote Wonder.
- Oregon Scientific sensors and body weight monitors.
- LaCrosse, TFA, Cresta, Hideki sensors
- Opus XT300/Imaginetronix soil sensor
- KD101,Avidsen,Chacon,NEXA,Flamingo,Blyss,Proove,X10 SD90 smoke detectors
Control RF devices:
- RF appliance and dimmers: HomeEasy, Chacon, NEXA, Intertechno,LightwaveRF,KlikAan-KlikUit, Livolo.....
- Blind motors: Somfy, RollerTrol, Raex, Blyss ...
- Siemens extractor hood
- Byron SX, AC, SelectPlus, Quhwa, 1byOne, Envivo Chimes
- Energenie ENER010 - 429.935 and 5-gang 429.950 power socket
- Activate siren in the KD101 smoke detectors
- RGB LED strip controller
- Smartwares radiator valve
Software Security Panel:
- Arm-Home, Arm-Away and Panic
- X10 and Visonic PowerCode security sensors
- SD90 and KD101 smoke detectors
- Battery empty and tamper detection
- PIN code
- Synchonize an X10 alarm panel
Synchronize with X10 alarm panel:
The arm/disarm status of this software alarm panel can be transmitted in RF to synchronize an X10 (SC9000) alarm panel.
Options for security sensors:
- button to temporarily disable the sensor (if the sensor is in error or battery empty)
- delayed sensor (to enter or leave the house if the panel is armed)
- "away only" sensor (mainly used to disable motion sensors if armed-home)
- active sensor (if not set a sensor can be used for non-security purposes for example on the postbox)
Virtual Sensors:
- wind chill
- daily high/low for temperature and humidity
- daily power, gas and water usage
- daily rain fall
- thermostat device
Message Panels:
- Interface Message Panel to display receiver and transmitter status messages
- Sensor Message Panel to display sensor warning and error messages.
- Security Message Panel to display alarm panel messages.
The displayed messages can be send in a NMA Message or email.
Configuration web pages:
RFXCOM web configuration pages to configure receivers, transmitters, digital I/O, input sensors, security sensors and virtual sensors.

NMA push messages: 
NMA (Notify My Android) push messages:
NMA messages can be send on Security Alarm and Sensor Alert or Warning Messages.
- HomeSeer 3
- Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0
Version  August 12, 2019
new or changed:
Output device parameters changed
Hunter fan added
Novy extractor hood added
X10 remote/sensor can be added as input device
Weather station WS5500,WH2900,Ventus W830 added
Weather station ACH2010 added

- no

Version  May 15, 2019
maintenance release.
new or changed:
status added to BBSB,RSL,Kangtai,Livolo remotes
Davis rain sensor added
Davis solar added
Mertik G6R-H4TD remote receive added
Envivo chime receive added
AlfaWise,dBell chime added
Rain Rate adding corrected

BLINDST2, BlindsT3, BLINDST4, BLINDST5, BLINDST10, BLINDST11, Hualite ID corrected
BLINDST8 device code corrected
Mertik G6R-H4TD ID added
SelectPlus chime ID3 added

Version  February 5, 2019

new or changed:
- Security and Input sensors grouped
- Notify My Android removed
- Telegram added
- BlindsT0 receive added
- BlindsT6 Intermediate position added
- Casafan added
- Cuveo added
- Falmec fan added
- FS20 Appliance/Dimmer added
- FT1211R fan control added
- Hualite blinds added
- Livolo receive added
- Livolo large remote added
- LucciAir DC fan added
- LucciAir DCII fan added
- Mertik G6R-H4S and G6R-H3T1 added
- Oase Inscenio FM Master added
- Zemismart blinds added
- ACH2010 added
- Byron BY added
- Oregon SL109 added
- RFXtrx868 updated
- Total power of CM180, CM180i, RFXmeter-rfxpwr, Revolt changed to Energy device
- Dutch Smart Meter P1 added

- BLINDST6, BLINDST7, BLINDST9 ID and unit code corrected

Version  March 5, 2018
new or changed:
Thermostat Set Point device range starting at 1C / 34F

Notify My Android updated
- Temperature corrected for the BTHGN129 sensor

Version  Oct 30, 2017
new or changed:
Maverick BBQ sensors also created with a fixed ID "1234"
Sonoff RF remote added

RFXMeter counter rollover corrected

Version  April 27, 2017
new or changed:
Itho CVE RFT added
Screenline Angle change added
Kangtai, Cotech, SilverCrest added
vThings CO2, Dust and Temperature sensor support
MCZ 1 & 2 fan corrected

Version  March 12, 2017
new or changed:
Thermostat device checked every 5 minutes
RSL receive added
Kangtai, Cotech, SilverCrest added
MCZ 1 & 2 fan models changed
MCZ 3 fan model added
Somfy_RTS2 added
Siemens SF01 ID corrected
Westinghouse fan corrected
Problem with Multiple thermostat devices solved

Version  Oct 27, 2016
new or changed:
Philips SBC unit code 9 - 16 added
RM174RF smoke detector added
SA33 smoke detector added
Westinghouse 7226640 fan control added
- control of MCZ pellet stove added
Avantek corrected
LightwaveRF dimmer config corrected

Version  May 19, 2016

new or changed:
control & receive of HomeConfort added
control & receive of BLINDST11 ASP blinds added
control & receive of Lighting4 added
- control of Lucci Air added
- control of BLINDST10 Dolat, Topstar blinds added
- control of BLINDST12 Confexx blinds added
- control of Avantek added
- control of FA500/PROmax... added
- control of MDremote 107 and 108 added

Version  October 20, 2015
new or changed:
support for the RFXtrx868 added
support for Conrad RSL / OTIO added
BTHGN129 added
Somfy unitcode corrected

Version  September 20, 2015
new or changed:
RESET button added to Security type "KR10/21/SH624/MCT234/HP564/KD101 Remote"
ASA blinds added
- Function GetLastReceiveTime(dvref) added
First ID BlindsT6/7 also displayed in hex
- Blyss corrected (ID added)

Version  July 1, 2015
new or changed:
RGB_432W LED driver added
Australian KAMBROOK RF3672 added
SetAlarmMessagePanel function corrected

Version  April 6, 2015
new or changed:
- Mertik G6R-H4TD output device added
Thermostat timer corrected
- Display of battery level corrected

Version  March 17, 2015
new or changed:
- Maintenance release
- Thermostat fan OFF command corrected
- RFXtrx/rec: error after protocol setting Save corrected

Version  March 12, 2015
new or changed:
AC input device ID changed (ID update of all AC input devices required!!!)
- Thermostat with 1 decimal
- Thermostat Mode device has lower limit parameter
- CM180 instant only power reported
- Alecto WS1700 and Chinese compatible sensors added
- Alecto WS4500 added
- Chamberlain CS4330CN blind motor added
- BTX blind motors added
- Somfy awning added
- Somfy Venetian US or European selection added
- Smartwares radiator valve added
- SelectPlus chime added
- Envivo chime added
configured input and security sensors removed from heard list
- DIM-20 status/graphic corrected
- RFXMeter virtual device was triggered twice
- Output device HC/DC was not correct initialized on config page
- Harrison curtain not correct controlled using a transmitter
- Digital I/O set state processed
- Switch Off Thermostat Mode device corrected
- Virtual Security sensor corrected

Version  January 1, 2015

Maintenance release

Version  September 22, 2014
new or changed:
- Eurodomest added (transmit only)
- Byron MP001 added (transmit only)
- WT0122 pool thermometer added
- New RGB-LED TRC02 type added (type with 3 batteries in remote)
- Baro-temp-humidity BTHGN129 added
- error response from RFXrec/RFXtrx processed
Version  July 26, 2014

new or changed:
- Aoke RF relay support added:
- http://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/DC12V-1CH-wireless-switch-remote-control-system-remote-control-switch-for-guard-door-window-curtain/110758_936534863.html 
- Rain sensor debug message removed
- battery sensor BTHR918/BTHR968 corrected
Version  June 26, 2014
new or changed:
- Somfy venetian blind control added
- Debug messages display plugin version
- Rain total values corrected
- RFXMeter error message corrected
- Set battery full devices hidden after ID change
Version  May 31, 2014
new or changed:
- Opus XT300/ Imagintronix soil sensor added
Version  May 17, 2014
new or changed:
- Thermostat button "Man" changed to "Manual"
- DivideBy changed from integer to real
- RFY added
- Modify Input sensors without communication failure option did not operate
- RGB LED could not be added
Version  May 6, 2014
new or changed:
- Display Location2 in message panels and NMA message
Version  May 1, 2014
new or changed:
- Any device can be selected as heater/cooler/fan device in the RFXCOM Thermostat device
- ID for BlindsT6 and BlindsT7 extended
- RFY added
- thermostat on/off command corrected for non RFXCOM device
- Receive of security sensors with W800 corrected
Version  April 9, 2014
new or changed:
- General configurations moved from X_IFACE[1]Q to General web config page
- Security configurations moved from ALARM[4]Q to Security web config page dvref button added on RFXCOM config pages which can be used to open the device for configuration
- Background color for Alarm/Warning messages can be configured on the General config page
- COCO GDR2 added
- Energenie 5-gang added
- All On/Off and Dim/Bright for RFXCOM, X10 and PLCBUS devices implemented
- Range prefix changed from Dim to Brightness for AC, IKEA and AD dimmers
- Security status/button text changes from disabled to disable
- Rohrmotor24 and Yooda blind motor added
- Forest blind and curtain motors added
- Thermostat device added
- Security battery sensor date was not set on the config page
- New created battery sensors created an error in CheckSensors
Version  March 20, 2014
new or changed:
- Date processing corrected
Version  March 19, 2014
new or changed:
- Save button changed to Done and order changed on device config pages
- Update device button added to RFXCOM Device config pages
- CM180i added for RFXLAN and USB receiver
- Conversion problem in with devices that have a HC/DC assigned
- Communication Failure timeout was not configurable
- Alarm Panel status not correct set
- Init of "Use unlock also for Arm Buttons" corrected
- ARC Chime corrected
Version  March 14, 2014
new or changed:
- Status text updated on language change
- Function SetAlarmPanel does not need Unlock
- HomeEasy EU unit code was not configurable
- Output device HC/DC configuration corrected
Version  March 8, 2014
new or changed:
- DevCmd errors solved
- Output device HC/DC configuration corrected
- Alarm panel enabling corrected
- Sensor ID change corrected
- Sensor battery expire messages where displayed in alarm message panel
Version  March 7, 2014
new or changed:
- Address optional and free to change by the user
- Import Security device function added
- Import Input device function added
- Import Virtual device function added
- Import Output device function added
- Updater problem fixed
- Mertik control corrected
Version  February 12, 2014
new or changed:
- Input message panel created when the 1st Input sensor is configured
- Device delete corrected
- Virtual wind gust sensor corrected
Version  February 11, 2014
new or changed:
- HSEvent error messages solved
Version  February 11, 2014
new or changed:
- Delete Digital I/O devices corrected
- CheckSensors updated with check on device exists
Version  February 10, 2014
new or changed:
- Virtual Security sensors added
- HSEvent error messages solved
- Chill calculation corrected
- Transmitter for security correct saved
- Error message (InitVariables) NMA priority not numeric solved
- Digital I/O toggle corrected
Version February 02 2014
new or changed:
- Pushbutton commands accepted independent of the state
- RGB slider disabled by an OFF command, enabled by an ON command
- MDremote added
- KD101 as siren added
- X10 power On/Off/All On/All Off supported. Dim/bright is not supported by the X10 plugin.
- BBQ sensor no_signal icon corrected
- NMA error message during startup solved
- Transmitter without interface configured did not show the Not used status
- Wind chill corrected
- icons corrected for use in Linux
Version January 22 2014
new or changed:
- The plug-in can be used in Linux
- Received RF X10 lighting commands forwarded to the power line (with use of the X10 plug-in)
- Digital I/O lines supported on the RFXCOM LAN devices
- 32 bits RFXCOM and W800 receivers supported
- RGB LED controllers added (dx.com ordernr 67412 and 130913)
- Plug-in configuration parameters moved to the X_IFACE[1]Q device.
- Event triggers on message panel string change
- AC input device can be controlled now
- Alarm panel control corrected
- X10 configuration does no longer need a plug-in restart
- False double triggers removed
- Panic status added to Security remote and Security sensor
Version November 19 2013
new or changed:
- Maverick ET-732 added
- Alecto SA30 added
- Oregon EW109 added
- AC input device can be controlled now
 - CM180i total power usage corrected
- Input device sensor ID change corrected
- Output device values set by events are now processed
- Blyss transmit corrected
Version October 25 2013
new or changed:
- Livolo dimmer and appliance added
- Siemens extractor hood added
- receiver config correct set if updated from
Version October 10 2013
new or changed:
- Transmitter config added
- Output devices added
- X10 settings added to the Interface Panel
- Receiver and RFXtrx/RFXrec parameters configured stored in the device
- WS1200 Temperature Rain sensor added
- Byron SX Chime added
- Energenie ENE010 added
- Receive of X10 lighting sensors (full function not yet supported)
- Enable/Disable button was present for inactive security sensor
- sensor not processed after change of sensor ID, restart was necessary
- XmitRXChar error solved
Version September 12 2013
new or changed:
Communication failures on remotes and weighting scale
Version September 11, 2013
new or changed:
Supported receivers and RFXtrx supported incremented from 4 to 6
Rain rate displayed with 1 decimal
Protocol selection boxes deselected for unused RFXtrx and receivers
Active devices appear again in the Heard Lists
WDS500 not detected
Communication failures not detected
Status of Motion sensors not set to normal after 2 minutes
Version September 7, 2013
new or changed:
Major version number changed (for the HS3 Updater)
Panic selection not saved on the Alarm Control Panel
Not possible to add RFXSensor humidity sensor to a Daily humidity virtual sensor
Version September 5, 2013
 First distributed version supporting receive functions only.