There are various manufacturers that offer wireless sensors and actors for home automation. These manufacturers follow a for their product specific protocol to transport measurement and/or action directions. 

The bringing together of the best sensors and actors (as in price/performance, ergonomics, technique) for different applications is not easy because the communication of this is limited. 

The RFXCOM transceivers have the solution for this. The RFXCOM transceiver will connect most sensors and actors with almost every computer program. 

Sensors collect information whilst actors activate an action. In order to run a process automatically it is necessary to have scenarios. One item of sensor information, or a combination there of, leads to the developing of a script thus creating intelligent management. The creativity of the manager in combination with the available points of measure and action determine what can be realized in the domains of security, comfort, energy and care. 

In order to process a script one needs a computer with the correct program. Again there is a variety of software available. These software programs vary greatly in operating system, price and level of function. 

There is a solution for every budget, whether you opt for shareware, a professional solution or a DIY project. 

RFXCOM offers the solution in translating the wireless messaging traffic from sensors and actors of different manufacturers to standardized information, which then is exchanged with the relevant software.


Controlling your home with RFXCOM

This example illustration will show you how easy it really is to set up your home automation. We will start with a common scenario. 

Imagine your home. Inside you already achieved home automation as we speak, as you bought a device from the local hardware store that enables you to switch the lights on and off by means of a small remote control. We call this device an Actor. 

Now, how cool would it be if we could control our light (or actor) truly remotely?

Let’s say, for complexity sake, we want to control our light at any time and place in the world and with our own Smartphone. Moreover, we want to ditch our remote control, somehow each device we buy comes with its own remote; we want to standardize the way we control our devices.

Let's illustrate:

Our sample requires our smartphone (1) and our home (2) to have an internet connection. This already enables us to use our smartphone to send domotica commands to our home, via the web. 

But an important piece of the puzzle is missing. We still need a way in our home (2) to respond to these received commands (3), in our case by switching the lights on or off. 

The RFXCOM Transceiver offers the solution to this problem!

The RFXCOM Transceiver solves our problem by automatically listening to commands coming from the internet. 
When a command is received, the transceiver (3) will act upon the command by signaling the specified device to turn on or off.
It really get's no harder than that!! We have now successfully implemented our solution!

taking it further

Our example used a specific brand actor that enables controlling a power outlet. Our RFXCOM Transceiver is capable of controlling many types of actors made by many different brands! 

Controlling 24/7!

The example illustrated was just a head start of what you can really do with our Transceiver. But let that not limit your imagination!
What could you do with a home server sending commands on a timely basis to our RFXCOM Transceiver, instead of using your smartphone? 
How about switching on your devices on certain hours every day, or after calculating sundown based on your current region! 
Over the past few years, domotics have evolved rapidly opening up more and more applications.

RFXCOM taking it further

Our RFXCOM Transceiver is not only capable of sending signals, we enable you to actually receive and process signals from special sensors as well! We support a wide range of temperature sensors, door sensors, motion sensors, fire alarms, power meters etc. etc. . 
The RFXCOM Transceiver will receive data from these sensors and either translate them into data consumed by your home server or act upon them by sending out new signals. 
Now the true power of domotics can unfold:


Complete solutions

There is a solution in the field of home automation for every budget. Before getting further involved in domotics it is important to ask yourself what exactly you wish to automate. Again, here your imagination is the limit. RFXCOM doesn't offer standard solutions but sells the loose components to enable you to design your own home automation exactly as you wish. For instance, in order to switch a light on and off remotely you would need the following components: 
A computer with software (paid for- or freeware software)
A sensor that senses whether it is light or dark
The lamp to be switched on or off
The RFXCOM-interface that connects the sensor and the lamp wirelessly to the computer.

RFXCOM can supply a broad range of parts necessary for you to complete your own individual configuration.

To get some idea of the wide range of possibilities in the field of home automation it pays to have a look at the following website ; the owner of this site has automated literally everything, but of course it is also possible to start on a small scale. More exchange of information by users of home-automation can be found on the